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Yaesu FP-1030A-BL Linear 25A Power Supply With Back light Meters.

The Yaesu FP-1030A is a high-quality, Regulated DC Power Supply specifically designed for use with DC powered radio equipment. The FP-1030A provides 13.8 Volts DC at up to 25 Amps (continuous duty).

Overload Protection
A current foldback circuit is utilized to prevent damage to the unit from excessive current drain. An "Overload" indicator becomes illuminated when an overload condition exists.

High RFI lmmunity
The FP-1030A is specifically designed for use with radio communication equipment. It therefore includes extensive filtering to provide high immunity from erratic operation which might be caused by Radio Frequency interference (RFl).

Multiple DC Output connections
Besides the two pairs of (6A) snap-in DC connections and the (25A) screw-on DC outputerminal, the FP-1030A features a cigar-lighter type DC output jack for radio equipment equipped with a hatching cigarlighter plug.

FP-1030A-BL. Back Light Meter Version

GST Included
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