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Heavy Duty Deluxe - 450 Degree Turning Radius w/Pre-set, 32 Sq. Ft. (Rotor Diameter 8in, Rotor Height 13 5/8in, Mast Diameter 1 7/8 - 2 1/2in)
The Yaesu G-2800DXA's weatherproof design is ideal for extra-heavy-duty antenna installations with a Wind Load of 32 Sq. Ft. and a Vertical Load of 661 lbs. This rugged antenna rotator implements "Auto Slow Stop/Start" functions to provide smooth rotation and to prevent jerking on the antenna array and tower. The G-2800DXA also features a Compass Display in which the stop may be set at North or South, Preset Control for hands-free rotation and a Planetary Gear System to improve braking and precision with large arrays.
-Wind Load: 3m
-K-Factor: 950
-Stationary Torque: 25,000kg/cm
-Rotation Torque: 300kg
-Max. Vert. Intermittent Load: 1,200kg
-Backlash: 0.2°
-Mast Size:; 48 - 63 Ø
-360° Rotation Time: 50 - 120sec
-Rotator Diameter x Height: 200Ø x 345
-Weight: 6.5kg
-Cable Requirement: 6 Core Flex

G-2800DXA Heavy Duty Deluxe Rotator

GST Included
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