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The Yaesu G-450A is the ideal antenna rotator for VHF and UHF antennas or small tri banders. The G-450A handles a wind load of 10 Sq. Ft. and a vertical load of 242 pounds. This rotator offers 450 degrees of azimuth rotation plus 180 degrees of rotation. 

Beginning in 2019 the new Yaesu G-450ADC Rotator motors and controllers operate with a 20 V DC control voltage, four-wire system, using the provided connectors to be installed at each end of the user-supplied control cable, same as the previous models. For clarity, the new DC rotator motors are marked "G-450DC" at the connector. The rear panel of the controller is titled "G-450ADC" on the serial number label. 

WARNING: The legacy Yaesu G-450A Rotator motors and controllers used a 26 VAC control voltage, five-wire system. Therefore, old AC controllers are NOT compatible with new DC rotator motors, and new DC controllers are not compatible with old AC rotator motors.

Yaesu G-450A Light Duty

GST Included
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