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Light-Medium Duty - Azimuth+Elevation, 11 Sq. Ft. (Rotor Diameter 7 12in, Rotor Height 12 1/2in, Mast Diameter 1 1/2 - 2 1/2in, Boom Diameter 1 1/4 - 1 5/8in)

The Yaesu G-5500DC is ideal for space communication antennas as well as many other amateur applications. The G-5500DC features an interface jack for computer control and a full Azimuth-Elevation rotation system with a rotation range of 180 degrees from the Elevation Rotator and a turning range of 450 degrees from the Azimuth Rotator.


-Wind Load: 1m
-K-Factor: 60
-Stationary Torque: AZ:4,000kg/cm EL:4000kg/cm
-Rotation Torque: AZ: 600kg/cm EL:1,400kg/cm
-Max. Vert. Load: 30kg
-Max. Vert. Intermittent Load: 100kg
-Backlash: AZ:1° EL:1°
-Mast Size: AZ:38 - 62 Ø EL:AZ:38 - 62 Ø
-360° Rotation Time: AZ:70sec/50Hz 58sec/60Hz
-180° Elevation Time: EL:80sec/50Hz 67sec/60Hz
-Boom Diameter: EL 32 - 43Ø
-Rotator Diameter x Height: 186Ø x 254(W) X 350 (H)
-Weight: 7.8kg
-Cable Requirement: 2 x 6

Yaesu G-5500DC Rotor

GST Included
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